Royal College of Midwives quality adviser Jane Munro told delegates at the RCM's annual conference how the college's normal birth campaign is helping to spread the use of the hands-off technique.

She told early risers at a breakfast briefing sponsored by Pampers that a recent survey of midwives showed half preferred a hands-off approach. 

"Evidence shows that there's no significant difference in incidences of OASI in hands-on and hands-off approach," added Munro.

This is why the RCM undertook their own survey across 28 maternity and obstetric units in the UK and found that 28.6% prefer a no-hands approach but this rises greatly the longer midwives are in practice.

European Midwives Association and RCM standards adviser Mervi Jokinen added that while hands-off is becoming the primary teaching method but "clinical judgement remains the best way".

The rest of the session focused on ways to promote with RCM lead on the normal birth campaign Sheena Byrom saying that greater use of Twitter, a 'normal birth e-bulletin' and iPhone App were all in the pipeline.

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