Delegates attending the opening day two sessions at JFHC Live have been treated to talks by top dietary experts including Julie Lanigan, Dr Rob Moy and Judy More.

Julie Lanigan and Dr Rob Moy kicked off proceedings by talking about the vital work of the Feeding for Life Foundation (FfLF) who are instrumental in helping to publicise the fact that Britain's toddlers are deficient in vitamin D.

Dr Moy said the average one to three year old in the UK only has 27% of their RDA for vitamin D but explained how it would be almost impossible to get this naturally as it would take "a can of tuna a day" to meet vitamin D needs through food alone.

He argued current policies such as Healthy Start "aren't working" because only 2.7 per cent of eligible children actually take up vitamin supplements.

The FfLF member concluded by saying the key is improving information flows as currently over half of health visitors don't discuss the importance of vitamin supplements with parents.

Following #jfhclive on Twitter, Sara from Nurture and Nourish suggested that the lack of information starts even earlier, tweeting: "Midwives and GPs need to be advising about #vitaminD when the mum is first pregnant, HVs don't see them until after delivery".

Judy More from the Infant and Toddler Forum continued the nutrition theme by telling a packed hall of delegates how effective portion sizes could help combat the problems of one in three UK toddlers now being obese.

She advised parents "not to reward children with food but with attention" as "excess weight at five is retained until a child is nine".

Her key advice was to stick to a policy of three, two course meals and two to three snacks a day but for a full list of guidelines visit 

There are even more nutrition talks this afternoon at JFHC Live including Dr Alex Richardson: Sugar the new poison? and Denise Kennedy: School meals - have things improved since the turkey twizzler - follow all the action live with @journalfhc on Twitter #jfhclive

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