High levels of magnetic energy during pregnancy - caused by pylons, vacuum cleaners or hair dryers -could lead to a higher risk of the child developing asthma, new research has claimed.

Writing in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, scientists from Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland said that those babies exposed to high levels of magnetic energy during pregnancy could be at three times higher risk of developing asthma.

The study followed the experience of 800 pregnant women, and followed their children to the ages of 13 to determine whether they developed asthma.

Dr De-Kun Li said: "The message here is that exposure to electromagnetic fields is not good, and we need to pay attention to its adverse effect on health.

"Electromagnetic field exposure is ubiquitous so any adverse health effect could cause a serious public health problem.

"The best way to reduce your magnetic field exposure is distance. Pregnant women should try to limit their exposure to known sources and keep distance from them when they are in use."

However, other scientists have said more research needs to be done before a link can be established, pointing out that a number of other factors may bring on cases of asthma.

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