Seventy per cent of people have said they receive an excellent level of care in their own home, Rosemary Cook of the Queen's Nursing Institute (QNI) said in her speech at JFHC Live today.

However, the findings, which came out of a body of research carried out last year, also indicated what could be improved to ensure more people experience a better quality of care.

The factors that have proved to be a barrier to care included a lack of knowledge or understanding of the patient's condition by the nurse, poor practice, a failure to listen and nurses who just looked at the patient in terms of completing tasks.

The QNI said it would be carrying out a number of exercises this year to ensure a greater level of service is achieved. These include:

 - Publishing new resources for patients and carers

 - Raising the awareness of community nursing

 - Ensuring there are more Queen's Nurses

 - Producing a microsite on the QNI website.

Story posted by Robert Mair on 29/3/3012