The Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, published Volume 2 of her 2012 Annual Report on 24 October. The report calls on government, the whole health service, social care and education professionals to take action and make improvements now. It highlights a strong economic case for doing more, sooner. In addition to improvements on physical health, the report highlights the need for society to support children to build emotional resilience, supporting children through better communication to learn from their mistakes and deal with life’s inevitable ‘ups and downs’.

The report states that 'the school nursing service is ideally located to deliver an assets-based public health agenda. The potential of the school nurse to adopt a leadership role in the promotion of health and wellbeing among the school-aged population has recently been reasserted, with new policy guidance on school nursing.Identified as key public health professionals, school nurses are intended to lead, co-ordinate and provide services to deliver the Healthy Child Programme to the 5–19 years population and ensure a smooth transition from the health visiting service for the school-aged population.' 

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