Obesity may be associated with otitis media with effusion, according to a recent study. A group of 155 children aged two to seven years who received grommets for otitis media with effusion (the experimental group) was compared with a control group of 118 with no history of otitis media with effusion. The mean BMI was higher in the experimental group than the control group (22 as against 16.3). The experimental group was divided into two subgroups, the obese and the non-obese. Effusion occurred more often in the obese group, although there was no difference between the subgroups in the frequency with which grommets were required.Kim JB, Park DC, Cha CI, Yeo SG. Relationship between pediatric obesity and otitis media with effusion. Archives of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 2007; 133(4): 379-382