A report from the National Children's Bureau says that charities working with children and young people face the propect of trying to provide services for £400 million less over the next five years.

Beyond the Cuts suggestss that children's charities are more vulnerable to cuts, as they receive more of their income from statutory sources and are four times less likely to receive corporate support.

NCB chief executive Dr Hilary Emery said: "Funding cuts of close to half a billion pounds is not good news for children and young people, and it's not good news for a sector reeling from both the burden of an economic downturn, decreasing sources of public funding and increasing demands.

"Shutting up shop is only a short term answer to a long term problem.  While, children's charities themselves must be at the forefront of creating solutions, there is still a role for national government to put its weight behind the development of new partnerships and new ways of working."

Several of the 74 charities consulted by NCB said it was "likely" they would be forced to close within the next year while other charities said they would need to either reduce the number of staff they employ or cut back on the range of services they offer in order to continue.

The report will be launched in Parliament this afternoon [30 Apr] and House of Lords representive Baroness Tyler said: "It's my hope that the report will encourage all interested parties to come together to ensure the children and young people's voluntary sector can continue to flourish into the future, building on its history of innovation and cooperation , while overcoming the economic challenges of today."

Other recommendations from the report include a Government-led analysis of sector spending and closer working at the local level between directors of children's services, public health leads, GP-led commissioning groups and the voluntary sector.

Read the full report at www.ncb.org.uk/media/705870/beyond_the_cuts.pdf and let us know your thoughts @journalfhc on Twitter 

Posted 30/04/2012 by richard.hook@pavpub.com