Service Snapshots provide a summary of demand, risk factors, provision and outcomes for services in a particular area of the Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network. Some of these reports combine data from ChiMat and the Children’s Services Mapping programme.

Service Snapshot reports are available for the following themes:


  • CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) for local authorities
  • Disability for local authorities
  • Infant mortality for primary care trusts
  • Maternity for primary care trusts
  • Obesity for local authorities
  • Obesity for primary care trusts
  • Teenage pregnancy for local authorities  
  • Vaccination and Immunisation for primary care trusts

    The Service Snapshot – Obesity has been developed in partnership with the
    National Obesity Observatory (NOO) and the National Support Team.

    We have also produced a report showing that children who have a limiting illness are more likely to be obese or overweight, particularly if they also have a learning disability. Our analysis showed that 40% of children aged under 8 years old with a limiting illness and learning disability are obese or overweight compared to 22.4% of children who have neither condition:
  • Disability and obesity: the prevalence of obesity in disabled children