It is simply riicdulous to think this could work and I am glad it has been defeated. In areas of high rents, a claimants a3500 limit would be eaten up in a hearbeat with rent and council tax. There would be nothing left to provide food and heating. People will die. I am sick to death of the arguments that a326,000 a year is more than most people have to live on who work. It is always forgotten that many claimants these days have been put in the position through the recessession. They may have paid into the system for many years and when they need help are treated like bums. If losing your job is not bad enough and the resulting poverty, to suggest that a claimant should uproot their lives and family to live in a cheaper rental area is cruel. But of course, the government and hardliners are not interested in the quality of life of these indivuals who's heart and soul may be bound up in their homes, their family and friend connections, their sense of community, their childrens schools etc. I fear for a two tier system of the affluent living cosilty with the poor being consigned to ghettos. It is recognised that a community rich in all walks of life is more beneficial, and let's face it people from poorer backgrounds do not make the rules on the cost of rent, but can be determined by supply and demand and the rich people's desire to live in certain areas which push prices up. The poor rarely have a say in it.