I want to hear what you think: Did you nurse your babes into tdhdleroood? Why or why not? Did you have a specific time frame in mind, plan to let your child self-wean, or maybe you changed your mind along the way? What did you gain by nursing your toddler? What do you want other moms to know, especially new moms who are just beginning? What would you tell your younger self? I had hoped to nurse my daughter at least a year. A year came and went, and then another. I got pregnant around her 2nd birthday and hoped she would wean. I was ready, and nursing hurt. But I couldn't bring myself to cut her off because she loved it so much. And with a new baby coming, I figured letting her nurse as long as she wanted was best for her.All on her own, she gradually cut down the nursing sessions. At around 18 months she stopped asking to nurse when we were in public. Soon it was just to go to sleep and wake up, then just to go to sleep. She dropped naps at about two and a half, so now, at 3 and three months, we're still nursing to bed at night. And I have a 6 month old son who is nursing on demand.I will admit to having mixed feelings about nursing a three year-old. Sometimes I'm so grateful that she loves it so much. We have no bedtime battles. We read a story then she excitedly exclaims, Time to turn off the light and nurse! It's a wonderful time to be alone with her and be close. We don't get much alone time these days. Yet sometimes, I CAN'T WAIT for her to be done. Then I feel tremendously guilty.I used to think there was somthing wrong with familes in which toddlers nursed. I was very naive and uninformed. I know now that nursing until age 4 is the worldwide average. And it's not just about feeding and nourishment. Those who say, She doesn't REALLY need to nurse anymore, isn't considering all of her needs.I've become a much better and more open-minded parent after having my second. I can see now how children can be so different from one another, and have very different needs. My son nurses like a champ, but can be soothed in several different ways. My daughter could only be soothed by nursing. I know now that weaning or continuing to breastfeed isn't just a personal decision, the needs of each individual child should be taken into account. I would tell others to try and keep an open mind about when to wean, and wait for cues from their little one and not make arbitrary deadlines.BarbaraYou may use my comments.[]