Actually, it's the Pang study that is leglary responsible for the findings of triple the neonatal mortality rate in the Wax analysis, and that is not because they didn't control for type of midwife, but because they didn't control for planned versus unplanned home births AND included preterm births (34 weeks and up) in their analysis. Roughly 40% of the data in Wax's neonatal mortality analysis comes from the Pang study. It is widely known that unplanned homebirths have a much higher rate of complications and deaths, and it is also well established that preterm babies have a much higher rate of respiratory issues and deaths as well. It is not surprising that inclusion of the Pang study results in a tripling of the neonatal mortality rate, and that removing that study from the analysis results in no difference at all between home and hospital births. But Wax leaves that information in the fine print and chose instead to base his conclusions on the more sensationalistic (and flawed) finding of triple the death rate!