Wow... just wow... Back in '07 when Raven was born, I had tried bfeistreedang. It took a very long time before I ever began to produce milk. Took even longer for Raven to learn to suck. And then, I was having problems getting *enough* milk for her. And while all this was going on, I was passing gall stones. ((OMG so not a good thing!!!)) it didn't matter what I ate/drank, everything flared them up. So, I wasn't eating enough to even make milk. After three long months of this I had to go have my gall bladder removed. During those last few weeks, I had to switch over to formula -- She was starving!And then, by 6 months old, I ended up doing what is otherwise harmful. I was doing three scoops of formula (6 oz) to a full bottle of water (9-10 oz) I wasn't watering it down *alot* and she was fine with it. It never hurt her, and I didn't know it was harmful until she was a year old and already off formula. But we were getting 9 cans of formula a month, and it was no where near enough for her. It was either water it down a little bit or spend money we just didn't have on another $12 - $24 can every week or so.Robin was much the same way, we had to fight the foodstamps because the state screwed us over with them, and they cut us off for months. Robin ended up going through 15 cans a month, and he was eating solid food at the same time. And after the trouble I had with Raven, I just didn't want to torture the baby and try and breast feed him. If nine cans are not enough to feed a baby, why are they cutting back?! It is now making me scared to have another child somewhere down the line.(again, this is nevermore82 on twitter =oP)