What do you think that other wtseern european countries do not use advanced techniques for premmies? FYU the most advanced specialist in premmie care I had ever met as a Spaniard who worked for their national health service. They were on the cutting edge in his unit let me tell yout that. It is funny who some people in this forum seems to be squirming and looking for excuses and claiming that the numbers are skewed by all kinds of specifically american factors. That is simply not true. All numbers in all countries are affected by local factors but the US health numbers are so bad all accross the board when compared with the other developed nations that they are extremely hard to justify. What is it then? if it is not a badly functioning health care system. Are americans genetically deficient? Is the environment specially unhealthy? Besides the number I have been used are "adjusted" numbers the WHO reports not the numbers the countries themselves report. The WHO adjusts the numbers the countries report to make them fit a common set of criteria precisely to make them comparable.