The OB who develerid my two oldest children went back to school and became a psychiatrist. The first OB I consulted after I became pregnant with my youngest cautioned me during every single visit about the impossibility to guarantee a perfect outcome, the cost of his liability insurance, and so forth. I wasn't in a particularly elevated risk group beyond being over 30. I couldn't believe how many tests he ran. He had a large practice and came highly recommended, but creeped me out so I changed doctors to one who was more sensible. You know, when I had my first child in 1982, childbirth wasn't covered by our health care insurance unless there were complications. We paid the doctor about $700 before the end of the seventh month. I stayed two nights in the hospital, and the total bill was about $1200, including nursery. When I had my third in 1989, it was covered by insurance. The costs had skyrocketed, so we had about the same out of pocket expense (deductible and 20% of costs).