Sarah R.October 2, 2011 @ 7:43 amI am a theacer of young children (read, preschool) and am currently in school earning my degree. I first heard this saying (It takes a village to raise a child) not that long ago. I'm surprised that I hadn't heard it long before, because that is what they teach you when you get your degree. One of my textbooks for the current semester actually has a chapter with that saying as the title. Of course, the chapter is all about the entitlement programs that are out there for families. The awful truth is that everyone in education (and probably other professions as well) is being brainwashed into thinking that it really does take a village to raise a child. As a theacer, I don't think I am raising anything. I am just an educator. I don't expect my own children's theacers to raise them. I don't expect taxpayers to raise them. I had my own kids, and it is my responsibility to raise them.I noticed that most of the comments above were directed toward Hillary Clinton, but I wanted to point out that this mentality is being taught, not just by higher education, but also by theacers and politicians as well. This course that I'm taking is about educating parents and getting them involved in their child's schooling. Educating parents, as if they need to be taught. I agree that I can probably influence parents by how I teach their kids and ideas that I give them, but I also believe that teaching parents that it takes a village to raise their children is wrong.