I rcalel being ripped off by NA Nursing agency. It was born out of an old agency in Melbourne and a husband and wife who went into battle against each other on the back of their divorce. NA pays their staff the lowest wages in every state not just NSW. I changed agencies in QLD as I started out with NA who kept sending me to a disgusting large Ramsey Private Hospital which we all called the POD (Pit of Despair). In QLD you earn 25% less anyway so NA ripped QLD RNs off even more. I was glad I changed agencies and so was my bank balance! The thing about workplace injuries is you DON'T get treated better as a full-time public hospital RN when you are injured. Just go and read back through the old posts on this website under Bullying. I get what you mean about the drop in wages though.In a permanent position you drop to 75% of your wage if you do not get back to pre-injury duties within six months of injury. The public hospitals go out of their way to get you OUT. They pressure you into leaving through bullying and harassment and they have all the cards including an insurance company to help them in their dirty work. Most people are bullied until they give up and walk away. Only 0.01% of claims are fraudulent.