Isn't it a little like yaisng eggs cause chickens and chickens cause eggs- it's circular reasoning when you consider that the disease itself is the primary stressor for us. I developed erythrodermic psoriasis 9 months ago after a two week vacation during which I felt better overall and was less stressed than I had been in years. I am a nurse and have worked in the I.C.U. for years including six years in a very busy metropolitan Emergency Room and my mild plaque psoriasis remained stable throughout that time despite incredibly high levels of daily stress for years on end. The effects of this illness far exceed any other stress I have ever experienced in my entire life in any circumstance. Is there any illness that ISN'T affected negatively by stress? Why waste effort researching a self-evident fact? Show me one patient with any chronic illness that isn't being stressed by it! THE DISEASE ITSELF CREATES CHRONIC STRESS . The best way to reduce stress in psoriasis patients is to control or relieve the symptoms if not cure the disease. Giving us back a relatively comforable, normal life would remove the greatest stress in our lives. Stress doesn't cause psoriasis, psoriasis causes stress. You don't need a PhD to see that you only have to ask the people who have it. We went through the same process with heart disease when the concept of a Type A personality was identified as a causative factor of heart disease until we figured out there were other factors at work. the predictive value of personality types in heart disease was de-bunked years ago- let's not repeat the same mistake again.