I think anonye who would see a bottle feeding mother and instantly assume the worst (aka that they are selfish lazy mothers who couldn't be bothered to breastfeed) has some serious issues.It's cases like yours that really bring to light the need for support and information in bottle feeding formula as well. I don't know how well you personally got on with the switch and knowing how to make up, store, sterilize, etc; bottles but I know some women do struggle. I was pushed and pushed by my (rubbish) Health Visitor and GP to give formula but I didn't have the slightest clue what this meant. I cringe when I think of how I made up those couple of bottles because I had no idea what I was doing. (My cousin made her bottles up by rinsing out a previously used bottle, filling it with room temp tap water straight from the tap, bunging in a few scoops of powder, shaking it, then feeding it to the baby!)I do call myself a lactivist' but in that I include support and knowledge for formula feeding Moms and believing that donated human milk should be more accessible, safe, and affordable for cases where babies cannot be breast fed. I also try to speak out against anonye making harsh statements and over generalizing that all ffing Moms are probably just selfish. It's ridiculous and makes my blood boil just as much as when I hear of a bfing Mom being told to just give up and put the baby on formula.I know nothing any of us says to you can take away guilt but you having nothing to feel guilty for. You clearly fought hard for your babies and they are clearly very happy, healthy, thriving babies with full bellies. I love seeing their pictures on this blog and on Facebook.