Thank you Lorena and yes we who have been so severely eafectfd by the current economic debacle are already reeling from the lack of governmental assistance available for even the most fundamental necessities. I cannot believe two of the few agencies in Broward who actually offer help to those who are desperate and on the brink of homelessness are being denied the ability to help countless families such as mine. I have worked my whole life and have never before even dreamed of needing public assistance but with the loss of my job last October, my daughter and I have been penniless at times and scared to death at t he prospect of losing our home, our car, our pets and so much more. We need the heroes like you Lorena who was there for me on that terrible day when I realized I was completely dependant on others to take care of me and my daughter until I became reemployed. I am still trying to get a job after many months. You have my support.