Community, District and Queen's Nurses are all being invited to partipate in developing strategies which will improve health and wellbeing outcomes for all people cared for in their home setting.

The call came to delegates attending the Queen's Nursing Institute event earlier this week in Central London. Wendy Nicholson from the Department of Health, who is the group steer, says the aim of the working draft is to "get to the essence of what district nursing is all about". She added: "District services don't operate in a vacuum; they play an important part in peoples' lives."

She wants nurses to share case studies and examples of best practice as a good way to keep nurses informed and involved. Developing the vision will also include setting up advisory, task and focus groups.

Wendy is also encouraging stakeholders to share their thoughts and ideas on Twitter, as part of engagement for the vision. "It has to be owned by the profession otherwise nothing will change," she said.

Stakeholder testing starts in November and a revised model is due to be published in early February.

To add your voice email Wendy Nicolson directly: and/or join in the debate via Twitter @wendyJNicholson and @VivJBennett.

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