Coffee shops could be putting the health and fertility of millions at risk, two reports have revealed this week.

The first, by US and Argentinian scientists, found radiation from wifi enabled laptops lowers sperm count and reduces motility. It also found that nine per cent of sperm exposed had damaged DNA - three times greater than non-radiation exposed sperm. With many coffee shops offering free wifi access, men have been urged to keep laptops on tables when using the wifi.

Meanwhile, pregnant women have been warned by scientists from Glasgow University to avoid some strong espressos, as they contain 50 per cent more caffeine than recommended for a pregnant woman to consume on a daily basis.

Pregnant women are currently advised to drink no more than 200mg of caffeine a day - equivalent to four strong cups of coffee - yet the researchers found most exceeded this total.

Dr Crozier, senior research fellow at Glasgow University's School of Medicine, said: "The levels of caffeine per serving varied more than six-fold. At the low level, a pregnant woman might safely drink four cups per day without significantly exceeding the recommended intake.

"At the higher end of the scale, even one cup of espresso will be well in excess of the advised limit.

"There is clearly a problem. People at risk could unwittingly ingest far more caffeine than they would ever dream of." 


Posted by Robert Mair on 1/12/2011