Barabra Evans spoke for many attendees at the CPHVA conference when she asked why the public isn't voicing angry over what the Government is doing to the NHS.

She spoke after a session where many delegates voiced anger that the new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State delivered a brief ten minute talk, with with no time for questions afterwards.

Barbara, a JFHC board member and CPHVA CNN of the Yeat 2012, said she thinks that if the public really knew how the government was dismantling the health service, then they would get angry. She believes the right wing press prevent this message from filtering through and asked why more couldn't be done to eductae the public, via a paper, for example.

Len McClusky, General Secretary of Unite, admitted that "Our problem is getting the message out" and said he is trying to get the TUC to concentrate on the NHS in order to "get people angry and get the message out".

Professor Viv Bennett, the Department of Health's Director of Nursing and the Government's Principla Advisor on Public Health Nursing, recommended twitter as a way to encourage debate and get the messages out.

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Posted by Penny Hosie