Hay fever symptoms of itchy eyes and runny noses could be a thing of the past, after scientists investigated - and proved - the effectiveness of nasal sprays.

They found cellulose nasal sprays - which line the nose and filter out allergens such as flower and tree pollen - are highly effective in tackling the symptoms of hay fever.

Although popular, little research has been done into the effectiveness of the sprays. Yet scientists at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have claimed the sprays really do reduce the symptoms of the condition.

The scientists claimed the sprays were highly effective for use by children, as they have little or no side effects.

Associate professor Nils Aberg, said: "The cellulose powder has no adverse effects, and this fact makes it a particularly attractive treatment for children.

"It is used increasingly in many countries, but there is until now no scientific study proving the efficacy of the cellulose powder in children during the pollen season."

The report, published in the journal Pediatric Allergy and immunology, said that the sprays were most effective when tackling low to moderate levels of pollen.