Update November 2013 
The latest news on the DoH School Nurse Development Programme and a Q&A session with DH Director of Nursing Viv Bennett. 
 Update August 2013
Outline of how plans are progressing for next key strands of the programme which will include: Leadership; Complex and additional needs; Evidence base; National award for School Nursing 
Update July 2013

DoH  Professional lead School Nursing Update; Young careers workstream; CYP social media; Mind Ed; Be Healthy and Young peoples engagement

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Update April 2013

Sharon White's Update; School Nurse Champions for Young Carers Training Day; School Health Service: Briefing for Local Council Members; Wendy Nicholson on School Nurses and our very own League of Champions.

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  Update February 2013 

Carers Champions - we are looking to set up a national school nursing young carers network.

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Update December 2012

Latest news on the DH School Nurse Development Group.

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Update November 2012

The DH School nurse development programme published a number of new products in early November to support the implementation of the new school nurse service offer:

Watch the Department of Health introduction to school nursing video, made in partnership with NHS Careers below: