Care Services Minister Paul Burstow has pledged £200,000 to help Education and Resources for Improving childhood Continence (ERIC) set up new approaches to improving health and wellbeing.

The Department of Health funding will support the ERIC Nurse Project that will provide outreach and education to reduce the suffering caused to children, young people and families by childhood continence problems.

ERIC Director Jenny Perez said; "For the first time ever, we will have an ERIC specialist continence nurse in the community providing support to the one in 12 children and young people suffering with continence problems.

"By promoting early intervention the project will make a dramatic difference to children and families suffering with continence problems."

The new investment allows ERIC to establish national links with statutory continence services, providing subsequent cost savings for the NHS and affected families.

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow announced the investment at a round table with members of voluntary sector organisations including the Royal National Institute of Blind People, Cool2Care and the Council for Disabled Children, who also received funding totalling over £6 million.

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