Plans are progressing for next key strands of the programme which will include;
- Leadership
- Complex and additional needs
- Evidence base
- National award for School Nursing

The work on Young Carers continues and bids made by organisations for future work are currently being considered. The School Nurse YC Champs training in November is fully subscribed, however, there is a further session planned for March 4th, contact to register

A National service specification is to be produced for School Nursing in partnership with the Local government association. It is anticipated to be published by the end of the year

NHS England reported on Young people’s engagement. A key message from children and young people is that they wished nurses and doctors would smile more!

The review of You’re Welcome remains outstanding. Wendy N to follow up with Richard Sangster and NHS England

4 regional workshops will be held to promote the roles and responsibilities of School nursing and to showcase best practice

Joe Hayman, CEO of the PSHCE Association and the overlap with the work of School Nurses says current priorities for them include emotional health and well-being and children/young people with special educational needs. Joe to become standing member of the School Nurse Partnership Implementation Group to allow closer working.

Laura Green, Project officer for Mind Ed updates on the programme progress. Launch due March 2014. SAPHNA involved in consultation process and have raised some concern re apparent gap in promoting resilience in children and young people. The Peer support model being used by the recently launched Mindfull was also felt to be a useful model for consideration

ClIC Sargent presented on their recent research re children and young people and the impact of their cancer of their education. ‘No child with cancer left out’ and ‘No teenager with cancer left out’ can be found at

Crohn’s and Colitis UK, Helen Terry, presented on their recent research and continued work with children and young people suffering from IBD. A new section of their website provides advice, support and resources

Opportunities to influence and shape the programme are frequently sent to SAPHNA members and, thus far, have been invaluable to its development. For more information contact