The latest meeting of the school nurse partnership implementation group covered school nurse champions and the 6 priority areas for school nursing - read full details below:

• School nurse champions  

Walsall SN champs (YP/and adults service user improvement agreed), accredited-to be embedded within whole service
• Safeguarding review of pathway ongoing with national leads

• Progress updates
Research ongoing; Measuring the impact of the school nurse qualification-how do we make sustained behaviour change ehwb, healthy weight, self-management of long term conditions (LJM)
Pathways new and reviews of some

• 6 priority areas for school nursing
Mobilising and supporting workforce
Imms and vacs
Supporting vulnerable children
Healthy weight
Supporting pupils into school and school absence-outcomes papers autumn will feed into Public health nurse framework

• Childhood flu
Tripartite letter issued outlining plans

Improved planning across 3 orgs DH, NHSE, PHE
Tracey Beswick, new role working with Wendy Nicholson-Childhood flu developing workforce models, training, tools and best practice
C&YP informed and choice re imms (NCB and CDC have tools)
JVCI reviewing evidence re secondary schools

• Peter Fagg (SN and HPV) Nikki’s Trust
Access post 18
Pain control
Money to spend!!!Year s11/12 targeting
Gap in resources for post 16’s
Ideas-Imms passport, health and wb passport
Opportunities to promote HPV vaccine with Preg mums, new baby imms, check mums imms status and at smear test reminder (£300)  

• Cathy Street NCB
Aiming to conduct research re SN and all year round support to children with asthma/epilepsy
Nuffield declined bid
NIHR UCL new proposal
CS going to approach SN to help strengthen bid
Survey monkey/webinar

Astra Zeneca
Share good times not flu website
DH commissioned Sharon M developing digital badges (flu badge)

• Eustace de Souza-PHE DEp director

PHE Independent of Gov, Exec of DH
Health promotion, protection and health inequalities
Priorities for next 10 years consult ‘Big ambition’-& menu of interventions in strategic plan (launch Sept) to set a challenge for the country, conference Sept
Dementia (YC), TB, alcohol, obesity, every child a best start in life, tobacco
-Briefings x3- for education leaders re;
-Promoting health and wellbeing in schools (NCB leading)
-Sept publishing YP H&WB framework (10-24yrs)
-CHIMAT C&YP health profiles for local area, easier to download and additional narrative/resources
Also good outcomes, self-reporting smoking/drugs/alcohol/ more satisfied with parents/life, teen preg
Strengthening the role of families-on-line tool re supporting adolescents (Sept)
You’re Welcome-BYC/PHE refreshing