The latest news on the DoH School Nurse Development Programme, including updates on pathways, School Nurse Champions, social media & Compassion in Practice. 

Complex needs and young carers pathways are making good progress. The young carers pathway is involving the QNI, BYC and Professional associations and will be developing young carers champions model.

Domestic Violence
Those with experience and/or interest are required to form part of this group. This will begin mid Jan 2013. Names to  

NHS Careers
New materials including footage of School nurses in action is under development to assist recruitment and investment in school nursing.

School Nurse Champions
The young people recruited via the work with BYC are currently receiving training. Part of their roles will be to challenge the local authority and nhs commissioners regarding the local offer for School nursing. There will be online training packages so that this can be replicated. It will have a synergy with the CNO care makers programme.

Social Media
A first meeting has taken place to begin exploring the role of iCal media in school nursing. This will include text services, virtual drop ins, apps etc. the DH will develop a national business case template for SN to use ith commissioners to gain appropriate resources. The work will also look at minimum requirements I.e mobile technology/phones for all SN. SN are encouraged to apply for QNI innovation funds to support some of this work.

Dementia Strategy
New vidicon and strategy for dementia care. How do all nurses contribute to the guidance? What do School nurses currently do/should they do? Comments to  

Independent School Nurses
SAPHNA presented emerging concerns re some practice, support and changing landscape of commissioning.
DH to facilitate workshop in early 2013 to explore further. Names to SAPHNA also to explore independent school nurse forum.

Compassion in Practice
Launch of new three-year vision and strategy for nursing, midwifery and care staff drawn up by Jane Cummings, the Chief Nursing Officer for England (CNO), based with the NHS Commissioning Board, and Viv Bennett, Director of Nursing at the Department of Health.