The latest news on the DoH School Nurse Development Programme and a Q&A session with DH Director of Nursing Viv Bennett: 

Viv outlined the importance of the CMO Report and the focus on 5-19 year olds and the role of school nursing leadership identified within the report. CMO builds on a placebased setting recognising that schools settings are one approach but we need to ensure delivery and support is available where children and young people are.

She also outlined the Public Health England priorities and how they relate to children and young people and her role as chair of the Children and Young People’s Workstream Group. 

Key issues for the Children and Young People’s Workstream Group include:
• Health Visiting, School Nursing and Family Nurse Partnership
• Obesity and early years
• Early support across the life course
• Troubled families: the health offer

Viv also flagged the workforce workstream and children’s flu and how partners are working together nationally to support the roll out and early implementation sites for secondary schools next year and the importance of using the opportunities for strengthening the School Nursing workforce that this programme may bring.

She suggested the group take a similar approach as Health Visitors, e.g. identifying six high impact areas and fed this into the planned work with the Local Government Association and Local Authorities. 
Finally she celebrated the inclusion of the importance of the school nursing role in the CMO report and the emphasis on the voice of children and young people. The recently launched Youth Health Forum and Facebook page for children and young people is proving very popular!

4 core work streams
Procurement is nearly complete and the core work will be commissioned in the next few weeks and pilots will be completed by the end of March 2014.

Social Media
Two strands: Children and young people, professionals. Both strands of work have been held back due to comms issues but should now be able to proceed. National School Nursing Award to be launched in 2014

Regional Events
Three out of the four events have been undertaken, with good feedback. The last event will be in Bristol on 4 December.

Young Carers Workstream
Sharon White advised bids and funding proposals are currently with the Treasury for approval. This will continue the joint working with SAPHNA, RCN and QNI. Three of the four RCN Master Classes have been completed and the fourth is planned for 15 January 2014.  

The RCN e-learning module on young carers can be found at The second cohort of young carers champions training has taken place, and the third event is planned for 26 March 2014.

Childhood flu programme
Jo Yarwood (PHE) updated on progress to date and outlined the pilot projects. She advised of the challenges in rolling out the programme and the joint DH, PHE, NHS England approaches to supporting the work, including two planned workshops in December 2013 and January 2014. Update at future meetings on a regular basis

Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse – Young People’s Programme
Sally Steadman South provided the context of the programme, including the insight from 16-17 year olds and the potential link to school nursing. Link to Domestic Violence pathway
• Consider input from CAADA at the 0-19 event
• CE to be invited to become member of group ICAN