Kate Middleton 180Princess Kate Middleton has announced she will use her day as guest editor of Huffington Post UK next month to help raise awareness of children's mental health.

The Duchess last year set out her ambitions to help the one in 10 children in the UK with reported mental health conditions and plans to make the subject one of her major work focuses.

A spokesman from Kensington Palace said: "The Duchess is delighted that her Huffington Post issue will help put a spotlight on the important issue and the inspiring work being done by parents, teachers, researchers and mental health professionals across the country. We look forward to inviting the editorial team of the Huffington Post to the Palace next month."

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As guest editor the Duchess plans to commission articles from experts, parents and youngsters to highlight mental health issues. She has previously said how she is determined to give children combating mental issues "the secure childhood she enjoyed".

Huffington Post editor-in-chief Stephen Hull added: "Dealing with mental health issues has been a major editorial focus for us and I'm thrilled to be working together [with the Duchess of Cambridge] on such an important project."

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