child fitness and healthThe support of school and family nurses and health visitors can help give children, young people and their families the best start in life and improve their outcomes, says Public Health England (PHE).

The national public health agency has published its health priorities for 2013/14, and it has promised to implement a range of measures in order to improve the health and wellbeing of the nation.

Within its three-year plan, it promises to focus on reducing the high statistics on preventable deaths caused by obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, lack of exercise and alcohol. One way this can be carried out is by supporting nationwide programmes to encourage a healthier lifestyles, earlier diagnosis and intervention.

PHE also promises to tackle the growing problem of obesity in children by launching a national programme to promote a healthy weight. It will also partner the Troubled Families Programme, which helps support vulnerable people to turn their lives around.

Early intervention is key to improving children's health, so it is to focus on the under-fives and continue to develop key programmes to reach this goal, which includes health visiting, school nursing and family nurse partnerships. It will also work with the Department of Health and local government to secure transition to local authorities in 2015.

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