With news of a doubledip recession in Britain trending worldwide via twitter (#doubledip) there are fears that widespread plans to close Children's Centres across the UK will transpire.

Currently councils throghout Britain are holding public consultations to discuss the future of these centres providing vital social and medical support to the families of children under five.

Sheffield, Liverpool and Coventry are thought to bear the brunt of some of the most severe cuts if plans go ahead, but most areas across the UK are affected.

Anne Longfield from the charity 4Children, who runs scores of Children's Centres across the country, recently said: "Helping families turn around their problems has to be a number one priority for every local authority, health agency and police service. If we don't then nothing will change.

The news come on the day the NHS Confederation, which represents most health service organsisations, have raised serious concerns about the future of child protection, saying they have "deep unease about the way vulnerable children will be cared for and protected under the new system.

The Confederation warned: "Without overarching policy to make organisations across public services work together, clarity over who does what and how the system will work from the national to the local level, children face a fragmented and confusing system to ensure their health needs are met and they are protected properly.

"Confused and fragmented commissioning and provision of services and a failure of organisations to work together have repeatedly been identified as root causes of major failures of child protection in the past."

4Children's Give Me Strength campaign is focused on getting Government and the whole of society to work together to prevent family crisis. For an overview of all the issues affecting families you can visit their campaign website at www.givemestrength.org.uk

Posted by Penny Hosie