A primary care trust in North Yorkshire has banned elective caesareans, the BBC has reported.

North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust carried out 114 non-medical caesarean sections during the 2010-2011 financial year - but believe natural births are safer for women and their babies.

In total, the trust carried out 1,738 caesareans last year.

Dr David Geddes, medical director for primary care said: "There's some concern about the frequency with which people are having caesarean sections because caesarean sections cause problems for the baby quite often, it's not a natural way for a baby to be born so therefore there are complications for the baby, there are certainly complications for a woman... and there are complications for subsequent deliveries and subsequent pregnancies as well.

"All in all it's something where there's a safer, natural alternative which is obviously what the medical profession would prefer to have."

He denied the move was down to cost cutting. A routine caesarean section costs, on average, £1,400 more than a natural birth. He said "It's the reverse. It's about making sure the delivery of babies is done in as safe a way as possible."

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