jfhclive2013Editor Penny Hosie looks forward with excitement to next week's JFHC Live:

Next week London Olympia's Conference Centre will be buzzing with speakers, delegates and exhibitors attending JFHC Live 2013, our free to attend, CPD-accredited event.

Finding 30 speakers initially seemed like an enormous challenge - but I've been helped along by the enthusiasm of nearly everyone I approached, as well as the superb organising skills of my colleague Rachel Langdon (who has kept me sane by keeping the admin side of things on track).

Those attending next Tuesday and Wednesday can expect an eclectic mix of experts from the worlds of midwifery, health visiting, school nursing, nutrition, dermatology, allergy, paediatrics and more. We have Guardian journalist and social commentator Zoe Williams chairing the midwifery sessions and some expert "names" you may have heard of include Professor Euan Ross (eminent within the world of paediatrics), Judy More (dietetics expert), Dr Nick Read (font of knowledge on IBS), Tam Fry (obesity expert, who heads up the Child Growth Foundation) and Sharon White (Professional Officer for SAPHNA, the school and public health nursing association).

As someone who is a journalist by trade it has been fascinating to make contact with both these and the wider group of experts within the world of community health. Collectively I have found their knowledge, experience and passion for wanting to improve the health and lives of the children and families they care for both humbling and (in the original sense of the word) awesome.

So, whether you're starting out on your journey into community health, are bang in the middle stage, or towards the end when you're credited with being both a font of all knowledge and respected mentor, we hope you will find attending the event enormously beneficial. No doubt many of you will be reunited with old friends, make important new contacts, but most of all my wish is for you all to come away feeling enriched, inspired, invigorated and even more determined to make a difference.