Parents should be aware of the potential damage being done to young people who are bullied "by being left out" according to the National Foundation for Educational Research.

This type of bullying is more difficult to detect than more explicit physical or verbal abuse, but NFER's survey of over 35,000 11 to 18 year-olds showed that exclusion is also more likely to lead to long-term problems with emotional wellbeing.

"Being left out" is more common among girls than boys but those males that do experience it suffer the worst emotional wellbeing, with those being bullied often saying it was through "lies or rumours" about them.

Earlier this year singer Cher Lloyd spoke out against the rising problem of online bullying which was also highlighted by this survey though verbal abuse is still the most common type of bullying especially amongst girls.

Most forms of bullying are reduced by the time pupils enter sixth form, although "unwanted sexual contact" remains the type of bullying most likely to lead to severe emotional wellbeing problems.


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