Making vitamin D a healthy daily habit

In Practice presents Independent dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton, who will be discussing how healthcare professionals can help make vitamin D a ‘healthy daily habit’ in our first online educational webinar.  

The webinar is available to view now, and will focus on the importance of developing healthy habits from a young age, with particular focus on improving vitamin D intakes in a toddler’s diet through the development of a healthy habit.


Topics include:
• Sources
• Role in the body
• Factors affecting vitamin D status
• Are we getting enough?
• Implications of low vitamin D status
• Making vitamin D a healthy habit

Get involved
Whether you’d like advice on the best way to speak to parents about vitamin D, or are interested in busting vitamin D myths, Carrie will be available to answer your questions.

To send in a question, please email and title your message 'Making vitamin D a healthy daily habit'.