vitaminsCharity Play England and the Free Time Consortium are celebrating another £900,000 investment from the Cabinet Office’s Social Action Fund to support local play projects from Torbay to Tyneside.

This additional investment comes as a result of projects delivered by the partnership of local voluntary play organisations last year that helped over 47,000 people get mobilised to give their time, expertise and enthusiasm to get more kids out playing.

Strong country built on solid communities
Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd said: "This investment is in recognition of the huge numbers of diverse volunteers the project has brought together, and of the tangible impact it has had for so many children.

"A strong country is built on solid communities which is why we are continuing to support this nationwide play project in creating opportunities for volunteers to get involved and share their skills with young people."

Passionate about outdoor play
With members ranging from national charities to local play associations and grassroots initiatives, the Consortium is well-placed to match the different skills and motivations of different people with a local play project where those skills can be put to good use.

Many of the volunteers are local parents who are passionate about making sure children in their neighbourhoods can play out more often. This includes helping out at adventure playgrounds, getting kids closer to nature and play day events in local parks and schools.

Focus for community action
Cath Prisk, Director of Play England added: "We’re overjoyed that the Free Time Consortium has been awarded this new funding from the Social Action Fund. Supporting children’s play has provided a focus for community action. It has been a real catalyst for everyone to get involved – children, parents and grand-parents.

"Not only will these projects give many thousands of adults the satisfaction of helping out in their local community, ultimately it means that more children across the country will get a chance to get out and play."  

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