The latest guidance on flu vaccinations has been published by Public Health England. The easy-to navigate, interactive programme for 2014/15 is divided into different age groups - you simply click on the appropriate one to get the information on what vaccination you should be offering this year - whether nasal or injection and the dosage required.

The age groups are divided into birth to under six months; six months to under two; two, three and four; five to under nine; nine to 17; 18 to under 65; and 65 and over.
Each age group is clearly signposted and if he or she is at risk because of one or more conditions and treatments, you will be advised on what kind of
protection is needed. For example, from two to up to 17, they will be offered the nasal flu vaccine if they have got a medical condition (from the age of nine to 17, this includes pregnancy); 18 to under 65s will have it by injection. Certain age groups without a medical condition will have an injection; others will not unless they are in the flu vaccination pilot areas.

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