Increasing pupils' access to nurses is a key part of the new government plan to improving health in schools announced today.

Detailing the key findings of ministers consultations with over 300 "school nurse champions", Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: "School nurses are hugely important - they can give young people advice on all aspects of health care.

"We're going to work with school pupils to look at more innovative ways to get advice and support from school nurses."

He also highlighted communication as a key part of the new plan, with the consultation showing that pupils are often too embarassed or don't know how to make appointments with their school nurse.

By allowing pupils to make appointments via text, email or mobile apps, the government hopes to increase use of school nurses with DH director of nursing Viv Bennett saying: "They [young people] wanted to make school nursing more accessible and confidential, more 'in sync with the way we live our lives', they told us."

The Royal College of Nursing has said that while they are pleased the government is listening to young people's views, there remains a need for more dedicated school nurses on the ground as several work across as many as 12 schools.

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