The Department for Education has provided an update on Positive for Youth, the government’s vision on how young people should be supported to realise their potential through the combined efforts of their families, their local communities and the state. It was developed by 9 government departments, working closely with local government and the wider youth sector, and informed by young people themselves.

This update sets out the progress government has made to place young people at the heart of decision making since December 2011. Young people feel a greater sense of ownership and are helping to make youth services more effective and create a stronger sense of belonging. The report also shows more young people are participating in youth councils and cabinets, and are playing a greater role in the development of policies.

It also outlines how government is committed to leading by example by putting young people at the heart of major reforms and giving others a sense of ownership for their roles. The report highlights examples across the country where people and agencies at all levels are collaborating and innovating to the benefit of their communities and society.

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