With wedding bells in the air, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) has issued some timely hints for brides-to-be. And, following Easter's festivities and choc-fest, they're health tips everyone can apply if they want their body to look in tip top shape for the summer.

Consultant dietician and BDA spokesperson Sian Porter said a healthy, balanced diet is reflected in skin, hair and nails and a diet rich in vegetables, fruit whole grains, nuts seeds and oily fish is highly recommended.

She also warned against crash diets, saying that brides should "make the most of what they've got" and to be a healthy weight for their height.

She added: "Some brides lose weight initially and then undo all the good work nearer the day by bingeing as the last minute stress kicks in. If you are prey to this, be prepared.

"Do not have cakes and biscuit in the house or office, stock up the fruit bowl and on low calorie snacks like vegetable soup, vegetable sticks and low fat dip and when stress kicks in - phone a friend, have a bath, walk the dog but don't turn to food."

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