domviolenceHealth professionals either working in schools or directly with young people may be interested to download the Home Office's new, updated discussion guide for its This Is Abuse campaign, which is aimed at preventing 13 to 18-year-olds becoming victims and perpetrators of abusive relationships.

The 34-page document includes a range of promotional materials, including posters, cards, leaflets and ideas for lesson plans on issues such as teenage relationship abuse, rape prevention and ending violence against women and girls.

Its aim is to help educate young people to recognise what abuse actually is and to encourage them to re-think their views, as well as discussing the meaning of consent.

The guide has been produced with assistance from the PSHE Association (Personal Social Health & Economic Education), which has awarded it a Quality Mark for being quick to read, and easily adaptable for teachers in lessons so they can inform their pupils on this crucial issue.

You can download the guide at