hipp pouches
HiPP Organic’s range of baby food includes an extensive selection of pouches which have been carefully developed to ensure they offer the right texture and taste for every stage of complementary feeding. From smooth and mild for the early stages through to lumps for when baby is learning to chew.

HiPP Organic’s range of stage 2 savoury pouches for babies 7 months plus are the only pouches to contain soft lumps for chewing (with no added salt, artificial additives or preservatives) to help enable babies to progress onto more textured foods. Babies need to learn how to control lumps in their apple babymouths in order to successfully chew food before swallowing it – this process requires perseverance but is a vital stage in the progression towards family meals. Sometimes babies need to cough up lumps to re-chew them (the ‘gag reflex’). This is normal, but parents do need to be reassured and made aware of the signs of choking to look out for.

All of our savoury pouch recipes include organic rapeseed oil, a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acid – important for the development of brain and nerve tissue. Whilst babies get the benefit from breastmilk, HiPP’s savoury pouches can boost their intake of this essential nutrient. HiPP Organic savoury pouches contain at least 25% of a baby’s recommended daily intake.

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