The key aims of Public Heath England are to saves live, promote wellbeing and create environments where individuals, families, and communities can feel informed, empowered, healthier and happier.
PHE take an integrated approach to promoting health and wellbeing. We work with a range of partners to develop and implement robust, effective health programmes and
to address the social factors that affect people’s health. The key elements of the PHE approach are:
Improve health
We work with local government and the NHS to protect and improve health and wellbeing and to help people make healthier choices. We work to reduce health inequalities so the poorest and most poorly benefit most.
Empower the public
We work with partners to inform, educate, and empower people and communities, especially those in greatest need. We help people to take more control of their health and the things that affect their health. 

Build a committed workforce
We work across the system to develop a robust public health workforce that is knowledgeable, capable, and effective at improving health, promoting wellness, and tackling health inequalities.

Use the evidence
We champion science and look to put research into practice – we always call on the best available evidence when advising, developing and implementing high-impact
strategies to improve health outcomes.

Tackle health inequalities
We build partnerships and engage a wide range of stakeholders to help address health inequalities and influence the factors that affect the public’s health.

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