Despite calls for parents to provide a good example during National Childhood Obesity Week [2-7 July] a Lancashire surgeon has warned of an obesity timebomb which could lead to cases of endometrial cancer doubling by 2050.

In a report commissioned by the Royal College of Gynaecologists, Pierre Martin-Hirsch, highlights the fact that half of endometrial cancers are linked to obesity and that cases will rise as obesity increases in the UK.

He explained: "Endometrial cancer is cancer of the lining of the womb and it usually affects women between the ages of 60 and 70.

"The reason why obesity has such a factor in endometrial cancer is because fat produces something that is similar to oestrogen. The paper was designed to challenge thinking within the NHS and this is the first time that all the evidence has been brought together to spell out the implications for patients and the NHS."

At the moment about 7,500 women are diagnosed with endometrial cancer every year in the UK and it claims just under 2,000 lives.

The number of cases of the cancer have risen dramatically over the last 10 years with the number of obese women with endometrial cancer increasing from 5,300 to 7,700.

Morbidly obese women require more complex surgical procedures and follow up care which results in a longer hospital stay of up to three weeks compared to around 48 hours for women with a BMI within a healthy range, while complications of surgery are also likely to be higher.

The obstetrics and gynaecology consultant at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, concluded: "Obesity is a serious public health issue and my report highlights the impact it will have upon rates of endometrial cancer."

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