secondaryschoolenglishSchools that improve children’s reading skills see their truancy rates fall, a new Ofsted report has revealed.

One school highlighted in the report 'Improving Standards in Literacy: A shared responsibility' halved its absence rate after giving struggling pupils one-to-one reading lessons and intensive support in literacy.

'No quick fix'
The survey report draws on visits to secondary schools that have been effective in delivering cross-curricular improvement in literacy, but the schools watchdog were quick to say that there is "no quick fix" for raising reading standards.

Michael Cladingbowl, Ofsted’s director of schools policy, said: “Improving standards of literacy must be a priority for all our schools. Many pupils are still emerging from school without the confidence and secure literacy skills they need to thrive as adults.”

Integral part of the curriculum
The report suggests that the best schools make it an integral part of the curriculum, while more ethnically diverse schools should put on intensive induction programme for learners who have English as a foreign language.

Ofsted is also hosting three conferences over the coming weeks, focussed on Mathematics and English for teachers, heads and governors to support improvement in schools and academies, and to help accelerate pupil progress and raise attainment.

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