As part of the national Child and Maternal Health Observatory’s (ChiMat) work, updated Local Authority Child Health Profiles have been published. These provide a snapshot of child health and well-being in March 2013.

They are designed to help you improve the health of children and tackle health inequalities by giving easy to digest information about the current picture of child health in your local area.

Each profile provides two types of information: background demographic information about the children in each area; and comparative analysis with other local authorities both nationally and more locally.

Following feedback we have made a number of changes and additions to the profiles in 2013. These include:
• Information about measles outbreaks in the region
• Trend information about hospital admissions for self-harm
• New indicators for asthma, A&E attendance and low birthweight
• Additional international comparison

To access your profile, visit the ChiMat website – From 1 April 2013, ChiMat will be part of Public Health England.