Researchers have identified a link between women who have low vitamin D levels while pregnant and children who grow up obese. 

The team from the University of Southampton looked at the vitamin D levels of nearly 1,000 pregnant women and then tracked their child's weight to find those with low vit D had children with more body fat when they were six years old.

"In the context of current concerns about low vitamin D status in young women, and increasing rates of childhood obesity in the U.K., we need to understand more about the long-term health consequences for children who are born to mothers who have low vitamin D status," lead researcher Dr. Siân Robinson said. 

Obesity and pregnancy is one of the topics covered in two new videos we have posted on the JFHC Video Channel.

Both feature talks from this year's JFHC Live Event as Karen Jewell, a consultant midwife in Cardiff, talks about a pilot study that ran in Cardiff on obesity and pregnancy. In the video, she also looks at the results of the study as well as the impact the numerous interventions and activities had on the subject group.

You can watch Karen's video on the homepage carousel, or via this link.

In the other video Maxine Jenkins, a specialist health visitor working with homeless families, talking about the Opening Doors project. In the video, Maxine contrasts a day in the life of a typical homeless family living in a hostel in Leicester with her own day, to show the hardships and challenges families in this situation can face.

You can watch Maxine's video on the carousel on the homepage or via this link.   

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