The full results of an Office of National Statistics survey into the link between birth month and future career has shown most nurses are March babies.

Census data of all UK residents aged 16-74 showed that of over 500,000 registered nurses in the UK nearly 10 per cent were born in March.

According to astrology expert, Wendy Stacey, those born in March "are generous people, who are usually friendly, helpful and warm by nature."

These tendencies may explain why those born in the third month are inclined towards medicine, with nearly 10 per cent of all medical practitioners also born that month.

But before all parents expecting next March start saving for their future child's medicine degree at University, neuroscientist Russell Foster has a word of caution:

"Astrology is nonsense but we are not immune to seasonal interference. It's absurd [that] the month you are born can affect [your] life, but how long you live, how well you do at school, how likely you are to develop a range of diseases [and other factors] are all correlated with the time you emerge from the womb."

Interestingly March also accounts for the highest number of traffic wardens, not a career which draws obvious parallels with nursing.

Most physicists are born in May, whereas the highest percentage of sports players are September births.            


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