The Chief Executive of the UK's largest midwifery trade union was highly critical of the Government's "risky and ill-thought through" plans for the maternity services in her speech at the Annual RCM Conference.

Speaking to an audience of over a thousand fellow midwifes and health care professionals at the Brighton Centre on Tuesday [15 Nov], Prof Cathy Warwick said: "Several billion pounds will be wasted on yet another pointless reorganisation of the NHS with an inevitable negative human cost on those who rely on the health service for their care."

She pointed out that cuts in maternity services spending meant it was now at a lower level as a proportion of the total NHS budget than in the 1990s and that could have particularly bad consequences considering the UK's birth rate is at a 40-year high.

"The tap on increased funding in the NHS is turned off," Prof Warwick continued, "And in coming years it will not be possible to mask the worst effects of rising demand and limited resources, undermining any progress made in the NHS in recent years."

This lack of resources is yet more evidence that midwives and other public sector workers are being made scapegoats for "reckless" behaviour by bankers according to Prof Warwick who urged members of the profession to join the RCM's Pensions: Day of Action on 30th November and protest against the Government's plan to increase pension contributions despite NHS staff already putting in more money than they take out.



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